Recycling 101 for Kiddos

Kids are like sponges; they absorb. If you want them to learn what’s important in life, you have to teach them young. Nothing is more important than teaching them to stay green, so therefore:

It’s time to have a recycling day! Here’s how to do it.

Set Up a Recycling Station

Put a bunch of recyclable and reusable items on a table. Ideas include glass bottles, newspaper and old shirts.

Ask Them Which Items Can Be Reused

Help kids pick out the reusable items, such as clothing and tea towels. Tell them that you donate these instead of recycling them.

Teach Them to Sort

Together, sort out the rest of the recyclables into the right bins.

Help Them Drag Bins to the Curb

Nothing makes kids prouder than accomplishing big grownup chores, and there’s nothing wrong with letting your toddler believe they moved that heavy bin on their own!

Keep Recyclables for Later

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to show kids that when you can’t recycle something now, you should keep it for later. Stick that old applesauce jar or drink container in your Aspen Tyke Traveler (oh don’t worry, there are enough compartments) and put it in the right bin when you get home.
Voilà … eco-conscious kids!

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